Resources for Open Science in Astronomy

How to Work Openly from Proposal to Publication

Welcome to the Resources for Open Science in Astronomy (ROSA) ✨ 🔭 project webpage! ROSA is an open project to compile and tailor open science best practices from around the web into a how-to kit for astronomers to research openly from proposal to publication. Please note that this webpage is therefore under construction 👷‍

The project will result in two products,

  • a general open science resource kit that can be adapted to any field,
  • and one specifically tailored for astronomy: ROSA.

ROSA was born out of Round 4 of the Mozilla Open Leaders program. The project is being developed on GitHub so that anyone can contribute content, resources, tutorials, insight and experience, which will undergo curation and tailoring to create field-specific guides. The end product aims to be a well-documented guide on why you should research openly how.

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